privacy-first analytics

Enterprise-grade analytics, session replays, and heatmaps.

Google Analytics doesn't do it like this.

Don't stitch together 3 different tools.

OptikAnalytics does it all.


Get all the details you'd expect about your top pages, referrers, countries, sessions, pageviews, and tons more.

Session replays

Put yourself in your visitors' shoes—literally. Experience your website in the exact same way your fans do.


View hotspots on your site to analyze where your visitors are (or aren't) looking, so you can optimize as needed.

Cookies optional

If you don't have cookies, you don't need to display a cookie banner.

Clean UX/UI

No more bugging your visitors with banners about collecting information.

Happy customers

Unbothered by intrusive banners and appreciative of your privacy awareness.

Track visitor events and insights

Understanding and evaluating your visitors' behavior patterns and actions is the best way to design, analyze, and refine your visitors' experience over time.

Session events

View everyone's journey from start to finish without skipping a beat.

Iterate quickly

It's easy to spot opportunities for improvement and iterate quickly.

Jump into your visitors' shoes with session replays

Experience what your visitors see and do throughout your entire site exactly—just as if you were in their shoes.

Video recordings

Watch your visitors' experiences at your own speed and pace.

Skip inactivity

No need to sit through the time they stepped away from their device.

View your website's hot zones and cold zones with heatmaps

Understand where your users are clicking and where they're not clicking to translate that into behavior patterns that inform better data-driven decisions for your business.


Desktop, tablet, and mobile are all compatible with heatmaps.

Clicks tracking

Breakdown where your clicks are happening and where they're not.

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